Insurrection (englisch)

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anarchistische Zeitschrift aus England


„Insurrection“, a new anarchist paper, it will contain theoretical articles, articles on corrent events, a chronicle of struggle, and will denounce repression in all its forms. Nothing unusual so far. New anarchist papers appear frequently, full of hopes, but die after a few issues quite divorced from reality.
„Insurrection“ is born with no great hopes, we are not hoping the paper will sell a given number of copies each month just so sthat it can keep coming out. We don’t want comrades to dutifully send us fifty pence a month to put their conscience at rest, deluding themselves that they are thus doing something ‚for the social revolution‘.
If after a few issues we realise this is how people react to „Insurrection“ we shall stop producing it. There are allready too many anarchist papers endlessly repeating themselves in defence of a banner or symbol and offering no real contribution to the struggle.
„Insurrection“ intends to be an instrument, not just another piece in a never completed jigsaw puzzle. But we cannot do this alone, a handful of comrades. To be a real instrument an anarchist paper must provide not only ‚Information‘ but also ‚indications‘. The daily press is full of information of a certain kind, but only one indication – keep quiet and do nothing – thus giving the state the consensus it requires.
An anarchist paper should give both theoretical and practical indications of struggle. There is no essential difference between the two. They often merge, theory becoming the indispensable premiss of action, action becoming theoretical analysis. An example – a wildcat strike, a mass snacking, a factory occupation, a riot, a struggle in one of the ghettos or in school. In such situations comrades often don’t know how to intervene with immediate and effective propaganda. They could contact the paper’s editorial group and together publish an article. By distributing copies on the spot it would be possible to begin or deepen the contact with the struggle itself.
If this method is used in different situations the paper will become an instrument, not just a literary exercise for a small group of people.
The nature of this work will not emerge clearly from the first issue, but comrades should bear it in mind both in their collaboration with the paper and in the use of the copies they request.

Issue One – April 1984







Issue Two – 1984







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Unique Number – Dezember 1982